Okay, just thought I'd unilaterally try to put an end to this discussion
thread ;-)

I don't think we should take up the space on this list discussing problems
with subscriptions or what have you. This is the BR list and it's for
BR-related discussions. I know, I know, I probably opened it all up when I
talked about the RPGA and the benefits of joining--my fault, and I admit
it. I just didn't want any BR fans to miss out on HOGUNMARK. I will
probably continue to mention BR articles in DRAGON, DUNGEON, and POLYHEDRON
until people tell me to stop, too (Didja see the June DRAGON? It's got my
latest BR dragon in it ...). I apologize in advance for taking up band
space with this if it's not what you want to read about.

I recommend that anyone who has a problem with TSR subscriptions or other
non-BR-related issues please contact Wizards of the Coast directly. I
already posted the phone number--it's on the back of all our products.
1(206)624-0933. I heartly recommend that if you have a problem like a
subscription that hasn't been fulfilled or something like that you CALL
rather than email DRAGON or me or whomever. Chances are, the person you are
emailing isn't in charge of subscriptions (I know Dave Gross who receives
DRAGON email isn't). That doesn't mean he won't try to pass the message on,
but we get literally DOZENS (if not HUNDREDS) of emails a day (I had 127
today, counting mailing lists)--it takes us time to weed through and catch up.

Sorry if this is not especially helpful for people with particular
difficulties, but hopefully it will send them in the right direction and
get the list back on target. Again, I apologize for setting the whole ball
rolling. I'll try to be more careful in the future.

Ed Stark
Game Designer, Wizards of the Coast/TSR Division
Asst. Brand Manager
TSR Website: http://www.tsrinc.com
also: http://www.tsr.com