>I would, however, contact both DRAGON and DUNGEON about your >subscription,
and I will ask about the freebie
>merchandise. I received STAR in the mail a month and a half ago. >Perhaps a
>call to Jeff Quick or Robert Wiese in the RPGA would be in order. >Check
>website for their contact information.
>Ed Stark

That last message was not a great message so here I go again.

OK I sent the Dragon and Dungeon Magazine subscription form in October. I
e-mailed Dragon and Dungeon about it at the beginning of February and got a
reply at the end of march, saying that they were forwarding it to their
international department. I haven't heard anything from them since then.
Although I have been buying Dragon since then (and the occasional Dungeon
that my local store does get).


Mathew Howell