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Magic items are relatively scarce in the Cerilia. Now, I'm not
complaining. I rather like the lack of magic items. It appeals to
not only as an opportunity for better role-playing and gaming skill,
as a contrast to the other settings out there that seem to have magic
items crawling out of the woodwork. But I've been thinking that the
rationalization for the lack of magic items is a little faulty.
Generally, the relatively small number of wizards is the explanation
the lack of magic, but I'm not so sure this holds up. Here's my

The lack of magic items in the campaign world has never been given a
second though by me until now.

My take on the situation is that when the armies gathered at Mt
Desimar for the big bash, most of the magic items that the peoples of
Cerilia had left after their long flight from the Shadow, and the many
battles to carve out kingdoms from the elves and humanoids, were
destroyed when the mountain got leveled.

I know it has been a few centuries since that happened, but the
constant state of warfare between the various races, and internal
conflicts does not seem to leave a lot of time to sit around and make
a sword+4 (months in the making). The same reasoning goes for the
elves and dwarves. These two races have been in a state of constant
warfare with the humanoids of Cerilia even before the humans arrived
to stir the pot.

So I guess what I'm saying is "Who has time to make a Staff of the
Magi, when there are 2 or 3 other wizards just itching to get their
hands on my sources?"

Shaun Hodgson.