At 10:25 AM 6/2/98 +1000, you wrote:
>I think its the same problem I mentioned in my original post - that when
all the PC regents are allied or friendly with each other you effectively
have one huge country. They individual regents don't move against each
other and often even help each other. This is especially a problem if the
countries border each other. I would suggest that you have the other
Anuirean regents work very hard at breaking up the alliance - not by
banding together themselves as this would only make the problem worse (plus
can you really see Ghoere working with anyone, regardless of the reason!).
No, instead I would have some of the more "evil" regents use things like
espionage actions to stir the allied regents up - frame one of them for the
destruction of a village and similar underhanded acts. If the players are
playing their regents properly, it shouldn't take too much to sow some
serious discord among them - at least to the point where they may stop
helping each other.

Do you have any ideas in specific? Everyone knows what everyone else's
alignment is, and on top of that I forbid evil PCs. They know that they are
not going to be burning each other's villages (at least OOC which doesn't
mean much to my players, unfortunately.).