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Secular Sap

Level 3
School Evocation
Range 20 yds + 5yds/level
Duration 3 rnds + 1rnd/level
CT 5
AE Special
ST None

Spell description

This spell creates a field of force in the shape of a sap, which the caster
may use to attack, appearing anywhere within the spell's range. As long as
concentration is maintained, the sap may be made to attack any target within
its range. Each round the caster can choose to attack the same target or
switch to a new target anywhere within its maximum range. The Secular Sap's
chance to hit is the same as that of the caster, without any strength or
dexterity bonuses. In addition, it strikes as a magical weapon with a bonus of
+1 for every six full experience levels of the caster, up to +3 for an 18th
level caster. If the caster is below 6th level, there is no bonus. The damage
inflicted is 1d4, plus the caster's bonus. If cast by a mage/thief, the
backstab bonus may apply. In addition, there is a percentile chance of
knockout equal to ten times the amount of damage inflicted. For example, a
spellcaster who causes 3 pts of damage would have a 30% chance of knocking the
target unconscious. As soon as concentration ends, so does the sap. A Dispel
Magic cast successfully against either the sap or the caster will also dispel
the sap. If an attacked creature has magic resistance, it is checked only the
first time that creature is struck, and if it is resisted, the sap is
dispelled without any chance for damage or knockout. The material component is
a sap, which must be hurled through the air and is consumed.
This spell was created by Thor Tjarlhan, a Rjurik wizard who currently is
travelling through Cerilia.