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Protection from Puds 10' Radius

Level 2
School Enchantment/Charm
Range Touch
Duration 2 rnds/level
CT 2
AE 10' radius around 1 creature
ST Special

Spell description

This is not really a Protection spell at all, but a weak form of Fear spell.
This spell enables the caster to set up an area with a magical field and
center it on one touched creature (or himself). Those who enter the warded
area have a strong compulsion to turn back and not pass through again (a
successful saving throw vs. spell is required to avoid retreat). Creatures of
5 hit dice (or levels) or more are unaffected. Any creature who makes its save
will be able to remain within the circle but will make all attacks at -2 and
all saves against those attacks are made with a +2 bonus. Once again,
creatures of 5 HD or more are immune to this affect. Any creature with magical
protection from fear may pass through without having to make a saving throw.
Undead of all types are also immune. If a creature affected by this spell is
backed into a corner and forced into the circle, or if anyone within the
circle makes a successful melee attack (not spell or ranged attack) against an
affected creature, the Protection from Puds spell will no longer affect that
creature, but may continue to hold others at bay.
This spell was created by the half-elven fighter/mage Quevven Mornoi.