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>I hope that your planes (espionage etc.) will work, but...
>There is something that we could name as "player's solidarity". Two
players never serioulsly hurt themseves in any situation - and always find
some cause for this (I had good humor, I liki this guy anyway or so). Even
if their realms are bitter enemies, PC will eventually sign peace. IMHO
better way to do this is to find "natural born" evil player - someone with
hunger for power and low PC morality - and give to him small but balanced
and rather rich country (Ilien, Endier, or somethind like Mieres, but much
smaller --two or three provincies). I guarantee that in first two seasons
results will be really amazing. In my campaign, in three months Roesone,
Aerenwe and "their" temples (IHH i Eastern Temple of Nesirie) almost
declared war each other (all PC domains) - althought before campaign there
were rumors about marriage between king and baroness... This of course
requires some luck for "intrigant" PC, but this is no problem for DM :),
isn't it ?
Talking about that, I once made that one of my PC played one of the "Big
Guys" of my campaing disguised as his character.The result: two players
killed and a war.. =)...

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