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>six issues of POLYHEDRON a year (which is devoted to a wide range of gaming
>articles), HOGUNMARK, and at least two or three more "free" adventures a
>year (STAR OF KOHLAMPUR was sent out a little while ago, and I think they
>just did an Al-Qadim product as well).
>Really! I've been a member for 8 months and I've only ever received 3 issues
>of polyhedron and nothing else. I also subscribed to Dungeon and Dragon
>magazine but I have never received anything from them(although I got charged
>for it in March).
Three issues in eight months--that works out about right (if you count in
the time to process your membership). I would, however, contact both DRAGON
and DUNGEON about your subscription, and I will ask about the freebie
merchandise. I received STAR in the mail a month and a half ago. Perhaps a
call to Jeff Quick or Robert Wiese in the RPGA would be in order. Check our
website for their contact information.

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