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    Christopher Kira

    Report for Ilien Turn #2

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    Your report for Ilien for Turn 2 (I hope you remembered you were playing
    ;) )


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    Andreas Kjeldsen

    Report for Ilien Turn #2

    > Well, I hope to get my BR campaign sometime soon. I was wondering...
    > just a simple survey question to people on this list:
    > Are you sick of confining yourself to the Continent of Cerilia? Or not?

    No, not really, it should be large enough to allow for a couple of
    decades of adventuring. But if you're looking to widen your horizon,
    you could take a look at the Birthright Netbook at:

    There's some nice stuff about the continent of Aduria there, along
    with all kinds of new rules and magical items.

    Well, that must be enough advertising for tonight.

    Andreas Kjeldsen
    ICQ# 12703652


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