>>*LOL* that one was good.
>>A fine example of elven arrogance, which more than proves my point. 8-)~
>>Anyhow, further fuel for the fires:
>> "During the legendary 'Age of Minsters,' it is said that dragons warred
>>with giants and other huge creatures for the domination of Cerilia. It
>>be that sometime during the end of this age, the old gods of Cerilia were
>>created, the elves were born, and the huge beasts and giants lost their
>>dominance. . ."
>> --- "The Dragon of Vstaive Peak", Ed Stark, Dragon Magazine #248, P.52
>> Note the order: First the big guys, then the human gods (elves of course
>>having no gods, since they are narssicists), THEN the Elves.
>> Which implies that HUMANS CAME BEFORE ELVES.

You seem to forget that in your assumption of facts and grasps for your
logic that much of what you say is pure conjecture. Even the 'proof' that
you now present before us is an example your candid refusal of the TRUE
history of our race and the superiority that we alone deserve. You see,
this man hailing from the Imperial City with his article on Dragon Lore, is
also a human. Therefore his opinion is obviously biased towards your point
of view. Which I am sorrowful for having to point it out, is simply

If you want the complete history of the Dragons and Giants ask and we will
tell you of the first hand knowledge that we have.

Your ever gracious host in the lore,



>>Of course that statement concludes:
>> ". . .and the huge beasts and giants lost their dominance--it may not
>>[have occured this way.]"
>> Again, we have no real reason to accept this version; just as we are by
>>means complelled to believe "The History of Cerilia as Recorded by the
>>Sidheilien", either.

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