> Ed Stark said;
> >>The line has now shifted under the AD&D core banner, and I believe the
> >>current plan is to go with much of what we have already done.
> Tim Nutting replied;
> >Sorry, but I don't quite understand what this means. Is there then no more
> >official Aebyrnis/Cerilia/Birthright line then? How does this affect
> >future releases and the like? Been awhile since I've hit the website, so I
> >hope there's more info there.

Okay. I am a bit confused. I would assume this means that the people on
AD&D Core have taken control of this project and that some adventures,
etc. have been moved as Core Products meant to introduce people to the BR
world, which will still exist in some format. Maybe that's just some kind
of hallucination on my part, but I don't think they are kiling off the BR
world, but rather have taken the approach that a broader Core products
might help boost BR sales by introducing BR aspects.

I reserve the right to be wrong ;)

CK -- Chris Kira