Ed Stark said;
>>The line has now shifted under the AD&D core banner, and I believe the
>>current plan is to go with much of what we have already done.

Tim Nutting replied;
>Sorry, but I don't quite understand what this means. Is there then no more
>official Aebyrnis/Cerilia/Birthright line then? How does this affect
>future releases and the like? Been awhile since I've hit the website, so I
>hope there's more info there.

JD Lail opines;
Ed said 2 things. The second statement about going with what we have already
done sounds like they are abandoning the Aebyrnis/Cerilia/Birthright as an
Adventure world for the present at least. Ed, if that is incorrect please
correct me.

The first statement could mean that with Ed off doing Alternity and Miss Carrie
also probably on something else that organizationaly the line will fall under
the AD&D Core manager, but that is a SWAG on my part and YMMV. :)

I have a question for either Ed or Miss Carrie;

I seem to recall reading on this mail-list that the products released after
the TSR relaunch in July 97 had sold "well", somewhat better than anticipated
in fact. I assumed this meant they made money but it also could mean a
smaller loss. Could you elaborate ?