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Someone said that they didn't like the fact that all the units were the
same from kingdom to kingdom. Well that is only 1/2 right.

First of all, all the kingdoms were once under a common rule, not
nessesarily in resent times but back in the days of the six tribes they
were, so the kingdom's have common likes and dislikes when in comes to
war and thus common unit types.

Now, who says all knights are the same? That is the regent's decion. In
Roesone the knights could wear green tunics and carry lances, an ax, and
a long sword. Now over in Diemed the knights mihgt wear red tunics
carry langes, a warhammer, and a hand ax.
Same effectiveness (thus the same combat values) but diffrent in small
Now making something out of the ordinary takes extra cash simply because
knights aren't trained with longbows and need to be trained as part of
the modify unit actions cost (50 longbows might cost around 1 GB but
what about RP? It is for training them! And the time? Training too.)
Teaching knights how to effectivly use longbows takes a new approach and
will be more expensive the first time around just to learn how to do
things. Afterwards it is a known thing and the unit will only cost more
to muster and maintain becuase of the additonal equipment and training
Is thier that much diffrence between a Soveit Union tank and an Iraqi
tank of the same type? Nope. Same concept.
Actually, the T64 and T72 tank models used by the Iraqi's are
Soviet/Russian made.
The tanks are the very same type. But paralleling your idea to modern
topics you will find that a majority of APC's (Armored Personnel Carriers)
and Armored Units (Tanks) do all have some similarities which was the point
you were pointing out. Besides the color of the nations insignia, they are
generally of the same height and weapons of a particular class of vehicle
share common similarities.

(APC commander in real life, well former- now computer programmer and BR

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