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>On Mon, 25 May 1998 18:50:49 -0400 "The Olesen's"
> writes:
>>Combineing the discussion about regent lieutenants and what certain
>>lieutrenants can do.....
>>Would a regent lieutenant suffer any of the 1/2 success penalties when
>>preforming an action for his/her liege?
>>My guess is no, after all they can do fine with thier own domain.
>Ouch. Good question. I think the rules were made with non-regent
>lieutenants specifically in mind, not regent lieutenants. Ted, want to
>chime in on this?
>So, I'd have to agree that a regent lieutenant would not suffer negative
>consequences when performing a duty for their liege.
>However, I can also see that the rules are clear in stating that a
>lieutenant performing an action they are not skilled in suffers the
>penalty when performing it for their liege, but not when doing for
>themself. Why? Maybe because the lieutenant is trying to use the
>liege's authority to get something done instead of his/her own. Kind of
>like "Hey, dude... do me a favor, and let my trade route through your
>lands, and I'll give you a cut" compared to "My liege, the Grand High
>King of Infinity told me to come here and tell you that he wants to put a
>trade route through your domain, so what do you say?"
>But, that's a can of worms I'll try not to open up too much.

In my PBeM I've made it a bit simpler. As soon as a Lt. gains holdings he
is no longer a "lieutenant" but rather a vassal. He also then becomes more
of an "npc" and less of an "extra action" *grin*

As a vassal, he has 3 actions, begins generating his own RP's etc etc. So,
naturally, the questions about LT's suffering half penalties and all that
jazz never comes up.

Just my take on the LT/Vassalage thing. ;)