Now imagine a peaceful nation with a very large treasury. It would be very
costly but possible to do a turn of musters followed by one or two more
turns of mustering. This could mean that a domain that could only muster
say 35 units in a period of several domain turns could themselves have an
army of 105 units.

Of course doing such an action would be very costly in maintenance terms,
but for a large well planned invasion it may be worth the risk.

Of course a few months back there was a Dragon magazine article that
recommended a formula for how large an army any single domain could muster
and maintain at any one time. One thing I liked about the article was that
it listed mercenaries as an exception to province population army total
maintenance rules.

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> > And armies of 40,000 (200 units) while
> > >rare were at least possible.
> >
hahahahaha. A little guilder and a couples of friends can muster 200 units.
Roesone, Boeruine, Talanie, Avanil, Ghoere, Mhoried, Tuornen, Dhoesone,
Tuarhievel, Baruk-Azhik, Endier, Ilien and Gorgon's crown have only 163
unit together!!!!!!

How can you do best????

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