> But then you should just triple the number of
> > hits the unit can take, and drop its defense to 2 or 3.
> Don't forget that skeletons only take 1/2 damage from edgend weapons and
> point from piercing...this could be reflected in the high defence
Remember that the War Cards thingie is not a full and straight conversion
from one system to the next.
I.E. the high defence rating of the Undead Legion reflects not only the
above "special defences", but how "tough" (not to mention disgusting) the
undeads are; thus, rather than tripple the amount of hits, they just raised
the Defence rating, which is functionally the same (affect is they last
longer/are more durable; except that nice magic can boom them deciently,
which is a reasonable expression of the affect).
Also, as the original person pointed out "mostly skeletons and zombies".
Mostly being the key word. The unit can be 90% skellies and zombies, but
even a few Wights and/or Wraiths in the mix can have quite an affect on the
unit's overall rating/effectiveness.