On Mon, 25 May 1998 18:50:49 -0400 "The Olesen's"
>Combineing the discussion about regent lieutenants and what certain
>lieutrenants can do.....
>Would a regent lieutenant suffer any of the 1/2 success penalties when
>preforming an action for his/her liege?
>My guess is no, after all they can do fine with thier own domain.

Ouch. Good question. I think the rules were made with non-regent
lieutenants specifically in mind, not regent lieutenants. Ted, want to
chime in on this?

So, I'd have to agree that a regent lieutenant would not suffer negative
consequences when performing a duty for their liege.

However, I can also see that the rules are clear in stating that a
lieutenant performing an action they are not skilled in suffers the
penalty when performing it for their liege, but not when doing for
themself. Why? Maybe because the lieutenant is trying to use the
liege's authority to get something done instead of his/her own. Kind of
like "Hey, dude... do me a favor, and let my trade route through your
lands, and I'll give you a cut" compared to "My liege, the Grand High
King of Infinity told me to come here and tell you that he wants to put a
trade route through your domain, so what do you say?"

But, that's a can of worms I'll try not to open up too much.


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