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    I checked the faq area and I checked the download area, but I still can't find this out.

    What is the most current (and assumed to be the best) rulebook version?

    Are there two main versions, the playtest and the d20?

    Once I get this figgured out, it should definitely go in the faq.

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    Actually they are the same, only worded different.

    Here is the latest status:

    Here is the BRCS-playtest download.

    It has not been updated to include the latest revisions. Basically it won't be until the individual chapters are all revised.

    Here is the link to the “sanctioned” Chapt 2.
    (It doesn’t have any art inserted yet, but will in the ‘final' version of the BRCS)

    Here is a link to the Revised Chap 1 (out for discussion):

    Now there are sections with further revisions to Chap 1 and several polls ongoing to tweak portions of it.

    Here is the class write up:

    There are some things being changed even as you read this (well almost). The noble class is getting some comments incorporated, the Paladin of Cuiraécen class is getting revised to make in the smite evil ability just like the PHB paladin (basically the class table was wrong when I put it out). But other than those the general feedback has been that people are happy with it, except for the magician class (see following).

    There is a lot of ongoing discussion on the magician class (and that will probably be the last one ironed out, IMO).

    Here is races section:
    And there are a couple of ongoing polls on the historical reference to be used for the Brecht and Khinasi.
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