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[BIRTHRIGHT] - Clerics & Priests:
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- ->>The preisthood of Cerilia has to many benefits to be allowed to use the
- ->>cleric-experience table (I'm thinking of "official religion", agitaion and
- ->>on). So the benefits the church gets has to be payed by it's priests.

- ->There is one problem for this little line of logic. The speciality priest
- ->experience point table is actually easier to advance on than the cleric
- ->experience point table. And there are people who argue that the cleric
- ->experience point table is to easy!

It's true when it comes to DM's who only run low level campaigns, when you DM
a high level campaign you will notice how the specialty priests falls behind
all the others in the group. I would suggest to you all that let the PC's
advance high in levels for once instead of killing them off in a dark ally.

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