Hello everyone,

I had read through the pages of the DOMAIN TURN of my DM's book and was
wondering about some things:
Scenario: Player A is the Regent of the Domain (say a fighter,
wizard or rogue class), and player B is a regent of holdings (like temples,
thus a paladin or priest) in the same lands.
1) Can person A "hire" person B as a lieutentant?
1a) Does person B still get the three actions?
1b) If Regent A uses person B under "Lieutenant action" (such as
Agitate), does that take up one action from person B? (If possible, that's how
it seems to me it would work)
2) If A and B marry, can they:
2a) "Merge" their regency? (add both together and draw from it when
2b) Add their regency and both take half?
c) Would it not really matter since person B can help out anyways
by donating regency to the worth cause (and vise versa)?
3) Are there any married regents? If so:
a) Does one rule the land while another has holdings?
b) Does one rule the land while the other sits pretty?
c) Who would this be?
Well, thank you for reading and I hope I didn't a) bore your socks off;
b) make you sick of multi-part questions; c) get you upset. Thank you for
your time.

Take care,

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