I have the following role playing game items that I wish to make
available. This is kind of a going out of business fire sale, since I
haven't played an RPG in over two years and I don't see any sessions on
the horizon.

This will be a bid based sale. The bid will run from Today until June
1, 1998. The minimum increment is $1.00 per item. All prices in USD.
Buyer will pay for the shipping of their choice and it will be added to
the sale price. Payment is by pre-payment.

There are a few rare items in here so, please read it carefully. The
initial post is going to all outlets, future updates will be at

http://www.mpgn.com/~rwm/rpg-sale.html and rec.games.frp.marketplace.
So don't loose this post!

Without further ado:
Shape codes:
LN Like New Minor edge wear or less
VG Very good Condition Some edge wear, corners nicked.
G Good condition Used, but still in good shape
F Fair Marked up, pages loose, etc.
BTH Quite Worn Falling apart, torn covers, heavy use

Most all items have my name in them. Boxed sets are for the most part
whole, but I can't guarantee that so I am marking their condition one
level lower than they are. Opening Bid is 50% of MSRP for known prices,
best guess if I don't know.

System Cond Open Curr Email
Dungeons and Dragons
Book of Marvelous Magic VG $5.00
Monster & Treasure Assortment G $3.00
The Rogues Gallery G $3.00

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons
Manual of the Planes G $6.00
Greyhawk Adventures VG $7.00
Referee's Screen G $3.00
Forgotten Realms Campaign Set G $8.00
Wilderness Survival Guide VG $7.00
Birthright Boxed Set G $15.00 $15.00 chrisb@
Dungeon Master's Design Kit VG $4.00
Adv N2 The Forest Oracle VG $2.00
Adv I2 Tomb of the Lizard King VG $2.00
Adv I4 Oasis of the White Palm VG $2.00
Adv U2 The Sinister Secret of VG $2.00
Salt Marsh
Book of Lairs VG $6.00

*** SPECIAL ***
Deities and Demigods, 1st Ed. G $75.00
w/ Cthulhu & Melnibonean Mythos, Bound Upside Down
I'm really not interested in selling it but I am
testing the market.
*** SPECIAL ***

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Ed
Players Handbook VG $9.00
Dungeon Master's Guide LN $12.00
Dungeon Master's Guide BTH $2.00
Encyclopedia Magica Vol 1 VG $10.00
Encyclopedia Magica Vol 2 VG $10.00
Tome of Magic G $5.00
The Complete Fighter's Handbook VG $9.00
The Complete Book of Villains LN $9.00
The Complete Druid's Handbook LN $9.00
The Complete Paladin's Handbook VG $9.00
The Complete Book of Elves VG $9.00
The Complete Thief's Handbook VG $9.00
The Complete Psionics Handbook F $3.00
(The book is loose from the binding,
other than that, it is VG)
The Complete Wizard's Handbook VG $9.00
Book of Artificats LN $10.00
Monster Mythology VG $9.00
Monsterous Compendium (Loose leaf G $15.00
Binder + FG Realms, Spelljammer,
and Outerplanes
Monsterous Compendium Mystara LN $9.00
Monsterous Compendium Annual Vol 1 LN $9.00
Monsterous Compendium Planescape LN $9.00
The City of Greyhawk Boxed Set VG $9.00 $9.00 chrisb@
Dark Sun Boxed Set G $10.00

Top Secret
Boxed Set (Version 2) VG $10.00
(Box is a bit worn, but the insides are like new)

Gamma World

Rule Book (original version) G $6.00

Amazing Engine
System Guide LN $5.00
Bughunters LN $9.00

Dragon Magazine
Issue #59 G $1.00
Issue #64 (I think, cover is BTH $1.00
missing. Inside Vol 7, Issue 2 Aug 1982)
Issue #66 G $1.00
Issue #67 G $1.00
Issue #68 G $1.00
Issue #72 F $1.00
Issue #85 G $1.00
Issue #91 VG $1.00
Issue #127 VG $1.00
Issue #166 VG $1.00
Issue #200 Spc Collectors Ed. VG $3.00
Weather in the World of Greyhawk G $1.00
(Pull out from a dragon magazine)
Citadel by the Sea (adv Oct 83 issue) G $1.00
Best of Dragon Vol 2. G $1.00

Judges Guild D&D Items
Winderlands of the Magic Realm F $2.00
(may not be complete)
The Unknown Gods F $2.00
Castle Book II G $2.00
The Book of Treasure Maps G $2.00
The Book of Ruins VG $2.00
Portals of Irontooth VG $2.00

Traveller (Classic)
Book 0 An Introduction to Traveller VG $2.00
Intro Adv. The Imperial Fringe VG $2.00
Understanding Traveller VG $0.50
Spinward Marches Campaign VG $3.00
The Traveller Adventure G $8.00
Rules Booklet G $5.00
Charts and Tables G $5.00
Tarsus Boxed Set (w/Belt Strike F $3.00
boxed set innards)

Players' Manual G $4.00
Referee's Manual G $4.00
Imperial Encyclopedia G $4.00
Rebellion Sourcebook VG $6.00
Referee's Companion (Copy 1) LN $6.00
Referee's Companion (Copy 2) LN $6.00
KnightFall (Adventure) VG $5.00

Traveller The New Era
TNE Rule Book VG $14.00
Referee's Screen VG $2.00
Players Forms VG $2.00
Reformation Coalition Equip Guide VG $10.00
Path of Tears (Star Viking Src Bk) VG $9.00
World Tamer's Handbook VG $7.00
Star Vikings VG $7.00
The Regency Sourcebook VG $10.00
Fire Fusion and Steel VG $8.00

Dangerous Journeys
Mythus (rule book) LN $14.00

Challenge Magazine
Issue 31 F $1.00
Issue 32 VG $2.00
Issue 33 VG $2.00
Issue 75 LN $2.00

3rd Ed Basic Set G $10.00
Creatures of the Night LN $8.00
Fantasy LN $8.00
Horror LN $8.00
Bestiary 2nd Ed VG $7.00
Grimoire LN $8.00
Fantasy Bestiary G $6.00
Magic VG $7.00
Religion LN $8.00
Magic Items LN $8.00
Fantasy GM's Pack LN $6.00
Blank Character Sheets (20% used) F $2.00

Space Opera
Vol 1, Vol 2, Ground & Air Equip,
Space Marines (Set Sell Only) G $10.00

Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Intro Adv G $10.00
Scenario Pack 1 Into the Ruins (Set Sell Only)

Champions (Note, most of these are in very good condition, but I colored
the line drawings, thus lowering them to fair condition)
Champions BTH $2.00
Champions II F $3.00
Champions III G $5.00
Enemies F $3.00
Enemies II F $3.00
Enemies III F $3.00
Gadgets G $5.00
Champions 3rd Ed F $6.00

Rule Book VG $12.00
Datascreen VG $3.00
Night City VG $7.00
EuroSource VG $6.00
Solo of Fourtune VG $5.00
Protect & Serve LN $6.00
Corporation Report 2020 Vol 1 LN $6.00
Corporation Report 2020 Vol 2 LN $6.00
Cromebook I LN $6.00
Cromebook II LN $6.00
Maximum Metal LN $6.00
When Gravity Fails Adventure LN $6.00
Night City Stories (Atlas Games) LN $6.00
Chasing the Dragon (Atlas Games) LN $6.00
Interface Magazine Issue 3 Vol 1 LN $2.00
Interface Magazine Issue 4 Vol 1 LN $2.00
CyberGeneration 2027 VG $9.00

Mekton II (R. Talsorian Games)
Rule book LN $6.00

Arms Law & Claw Law (loose leaf) G $4.00
Future Law & Tech Law VG $8.00
Campaign & Adventure Guidebook for G $1.00
Middle Earth
Isengard and the Northern Gondor G $5.00

Hard Back Rule Book LN $15.00

Star Trek: The Role Playing Game
Star Trek III Sourcebook Update VG $3.00
ISBN 0-425-06979-6 (Older, no red stripe)
Star Trek III Sourcebook Update VG $3.00
ISBN 0-931787-24-6 FASA 700 (W/ Red Stripe)
Margin of Profit LN $3.00
The Vanished VG $3.00
Trader Captains and Merchant Princes VG $3.00
The Federation G $4.00
Stardate #1 VG $1.00
Stardate #2 VG $1.00

Star Trek Starfleet Tech Manual VG $8.00
20th Aniv Version
Finieous Treasury F $5.00
The Palladium Book of Contemporary G $2.00
The Silmarillion (J.R.R. Tolkien) G $5.00
Hard Back First American Ed.
(Missing Dust cover, map present but loose)
Entertainment Weekly Special VG $2.00
Collectors Ed. "Star Trek" Fall 1994
(Star Trek Generations Issue)

Magic the Gathering Cards
Over 870 Cards various issues VG $35.00

Marvel OverPower Card Game VG $2.00
About 75 Cards, looks like a starter set.

SpellFire VG $3.00
3 Starter Boxes (2 1st Ed, 1 2nd Ed)