At 09:30 AM 20/05/98 +0100, Harding Nick MMUk wrote:
> It strikes me this may be a good idea, especially for us in
>europe who
> have copies of BoM in the shops. You guys in the states seemed
>to get
> the products 3-4 months before the entered the shops over here
>so maybe
> we need to form some kind of trading net. Last time in
>Manchester there
> were 3 copies of BoM in Virgin so I'll have a look for you.
Hey!.. I could use that trading net... Here, in Mexico, in a city with
4'000,000 persons, there're only 1 (yes, one) store that has AD&D things...
I'm looking for the Book of Magecraft and all the novels of BirthRight,
but here, there're none of them... =( (sob,sob)...

Well, I think it would be good to have the trading net....

Trankel Al Ker
Lord of the Brotherhood of the Black Tulipan