Last time I checked we were allowed to advertise once for a PBeM campaign so here it goes (if you aren't interested read it anyway, who know you might feel like participating after reading it):

"It┬┤s finally here. The ultimate PBeM in a Birthright setting.

We features great battles, Mighty spells, devious Monsters, cunning Goblins and happy players.
This is a special invitation ONLY for you (almost..sort of anyway ;-) ).

What's the name of this game you ask?
Well, it┬┤s the EASTERN CHRONICLES and it takes place in Avani's blessed khinasi and the cold, harsh wilderness of Vosgaard!

Where can I find this most excellent game?
You can find this campaign at:

Who is running this most ultimate of ultimate games?
Well, to make sure that you, the players get the best possible PBeM we are three DMs that will take care of things. If you want to know more visit the site at the above address.

Ohh ye lucky few... don┬┤t miss this opportunity...
SIGN UP NOW- There is only a limited number of regents available"

And please don't answer this mail with what domain you what to control. Use the Domain Application Form that is available at the site.

Thank you all for your patience,
Fredrik Lundberg