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    Morgramen the Magician


    Greetings all, this has probably been covered before, if so, can someone
    direct me to the archive site?

    In the BR rulebook, the Decree action is said to be a "a catch-all for
    special missions the regent wants his subordinates to undertake. A
    decree cannot affect another regent's domain in any way..." Sounds easy
    enough, but then it goes to list examples of the effects of a decree
    (pg. 53), and most of these examples would seem to affect another
    regents domain IMO.

    If the Decree action can be used to order your subordinates to do
    things, where is the "line" between a decree move & say an espionage
    move? When does it become a Lieutenant action? I.E. I want peon #1 to
    arresst NPC #1. Is this a decree order, an espionage order or what?
    What other kind of things can a decree do? Could a decree affect a
    diplomacy action? (IE. If Grabentod were to decree that piracy was no
    longer sanctioned by the Government, and was hence forth illegal, then
    tried to negotiate peace with Muden, would the decree grant any
    modifiers to the success roll?)
    I also seem to remember reading somewhere that a regent who makes too
    many decrees begins to "loose face" with other regents. Can anyone
    refresh my memory as to where this came from, and what possible effects
    might occur?

    Thanks All!


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    The Idea behind the DECREE action is that the regent who makes the DECREE
    signs papers that make special requests or give special powers. But if the
    said regent does not rule said province he can not make a DECREE in it(ie.
    Guilder Kalien can't make a DECREE in Caerwil because he does not rule it even
    though he does hold law.). Decree's are used to announce holidays publicly
    and also to make the people aware of a new heir or luitenent, after all it
    wouldn't do at all well to have your new order of knights attacked by the
    local townsfolk because they didn't know you had commisioned them & how
    embarrasing for your new general to be denied lodgings becausse "This INN
    doesn't serve your kind!". In more private uses a Decree can be to give
    letters of Marque or other less noble orders and protection.
    I use Decree alot and if your GM is willing a proper DECREE (such as a holiday
    or announcing a local as a hero or Knight), will go a long way towardsboosting
    morale in a province, especially if some sort of Gov't sponsored celebration
    takes place.

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