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    Province Population ?

    In the Birthright rulebook, pages 33 & 34 has population info.

    Basically, provinces are 1,000 to 1,500 square miles, 30 to 40 miles

    Level 0, wild, unsettled, less than 1,000 people

    Level 1 to 3, thinly settled, main towns under 1,000, total 2,000 to

    Level 4 to 6 10,000 to 40,000 people towns up to 5,000

    Level7+, may get over 100,000

    A bit more is in the last two pages (95 and 96) on domain design.

    These populations approach historic medieval European densities much
    closer than most ... most FRP settings are grossly underpopulated
    relative to earthly societies at that technology level.


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    Brett Lang

    Province Population ?

    I know that somewhere there is a table laying out what the province
    population is in comparison to to the province's rating. Could someone
    please tell me where that table is PLEASE !

    Thankyou !

    Sweet water and light laughter until next.

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