I have just perchased the TRIBES OF THE HEARTLESS WASTE campaign expansion
thought it was pretty cool ) and an entry concerning one Dragon ( Vore
Lekiniskiy ) the Dragon of Vstaive Peak of Zoloskaya is reported to have
recenty awoken from a long sleep, and to have taken control of 2 source

Now, the only reason I can see for this, is if dragons can control source
holdings, they must then be able to accumulate Regency. ( with me so far
? ). Then, if they have regency, what do they do with it ?

Can they cast realm spells ( I can't see any reason why not ? Can you ? )
If they own holdings, then are they treated as would be any other Regent ( I
would assume so ), including Domain Actions.

So, what's everyone's opinion on this ?

Sweet water and light laughter until next.