On 16-May-98, Brett Lang (warlock@supernova.agn.net.au) wrote about
[BIRTHRIGHT] - Clerics & Priests:

- ->My question is; Are the faithful of the Cerilian Dieties as detailed in the
- ->Book of Priestcraft classified as Clerics or Priests? As they are written,
- ->I would assume the latter ( Priests ), due the lists of special powers,
- ->etc.. and that there are also the more generic followers such as clerics in
- ->addition to these "Priests".

I have classed them as Priests as they do have special powers and quite
special access to weapons forbidden for Clerics. The only way that IMO could
have maide the preisthood of Cerilia to clerics would have been if there had
been a redefinition of the Cleric class (like the one for Bards).

The preisthood of Cerilia has to many benefits to be allowed to use the
cleric-experience table (I'm thinking of "official religion", agitaion and so
on). So the benefits the church gets has to be payed by it's priests.

//Trizt of Ward^RITE