Brett Lang wrote:
> Clerics, the generic worshippers of Dieties follow the "cleric" xp table.
> Priests (or Specialty Priests; as they are usally refered to as) are clerics
> that are especially close to / and devoted to, the worship of their diety.
> Priests use the xp table as for Druids (which are also classed as specialty
> priests).

Cerillian Priests use the normal XP table for characters of the priest
class, not the one for druids.

> This is all detailed in the Faiths & Avatars accessory.

I do not have the Faiths & Avatars accessory, I think it mainly applies
to FR though (correct me if I am wrong here).

> My question is; Are the faithful of the Cerilian Dieties as detailed in the
> Book of Priestcraft classified as Clerics or Priests? As they are written,
> I would assume the latter ( Priests ), due the lists of special powers,
> etc.. and that there are also the more generic followers such as clerics in
> addition to these "Priests".

All Cerillian priests are specialty priests, there are no clerics. There
are no cleric followers. This is all described in the description of the
priest class on page 11 or the Birthright rulebook. Personally I much
prefer it this way it gives the priest a lot more character, and the
book of priestcraft does a great job of describing each faith.

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Ian Hoskins

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