>> If you're referring to Rouvhe, he's Warrior/Thief... So, he's like 15/14,
>> or something like that...
> Rhoubhe Manslayer is listed on a card in the boxed set as Fighter
>16 / Mage 15. On the other hand, since he was a General before Deismaar
>(PSofTuarhievel p.5)and is the one elf in all of Cerilia who actually
>approaches anything with singleminded devotion, I'd have to say this
>underestimates his power by a significant margin. I for one have always
>taken levels in books as rough guidelines that may be completely wrong:
>they are, in some sense, what the players think different people's
>relative strengths are, since it's hard to keep them from reading things
>-- thus DMs should relevel NPCs to suit their own campaigns, especially
>regarding how badly they want the players to be misinformed.

No, I was not referring to Rhoubhe Manslayer the elf I was referring to is Allan Alaigh, regent of Cwmb Bheinn in Vosgaard. It says that he fought the humans even before Deismaar and that he was one of the first elves to change side and help the humans and as I mentioned he is "only" 14th level.

Also it was mentioned which people/Awnsheghliens who had managed to take provinces from elves after Deismaar. To that list Ghuralli and the black spear tribes should be added since they also have taken provinces from elven realm and it also says that Cwmb Bheinn in Vosgaard lost provinces before the Raven took his two provinces to humans and the goblins in Kal Kalathor have also taken one province from them.

Fredrik Lundberg