The following has beem reformatted by JD Lail.

On Tue, 12 May 1998,Ryan B. Caveney wrote:

>Also on the topic of clerics and undead,
> my strongest feeling on the issue is that druids should have
*greater* powers of turning than any other priest.

> Lawful good religions stressing duty to society should not only justify
> but also celebrate citizens willing their bodies to be animated (whether
> for use as soldiers or sewer cleaners, or anything else) for the
> betterment of the whole.

> Druids worship Nature. Undead are an abomination against Nature, and
> completely outside the cycle of life and death -- indeed, they prevent
> reclamation of useful resources of life by natural processes. Undead
> follow orders. They're real good at that. They *can't* think for
> themselves. So why does Haelyn have more power to defeat them than Erik
> does?

> This makes *no* sense to me. No human could hate everything
> undead stand for more than a druid.

The concept that you are going for (unnaturalness) is not the one upon
which the designers based the game concept of turning/controlling undead.
In their view the act of turning is one of abjuring a supernatural evil.
A warping of something once living. Which would be fine if they were
consistent in their usage. They aren't of course. In the MM since 1st ed.
it has consistently said Skeletons and Zombies are neutral in alignment.

Frankly I can support your idea somewhat in theory at least. But what
about Golems ? They too are unnatural. What about all of the other
magically created forms of life that can breed true ? Where do you draw
the line ?

How about this for an idea. Druids are unaffected by the level draining
and other special abilities of undead.