Hey everybody, I have recently encountered a couple of problems in my

First an overview of what has happened. My party of PCs started at 1st
level and through a series of adventures, diplomacy and war have become
very powerful in Anuire (they know range from 12th to 15th levels).

Recently they have been adventuring to save Anuire from a dreadful
plague (thanks Ed, great adventure ideas in "Legends of the Hero Kings")
and have discovered that the plague is just part of a vast conspiracy
revolving around an artifact (The Gift of Azrai),one of the Sorcerous
Lost and the Vos Gods, to return Azrai to the world. The conspiracy is
far reaching, War has struck at the Rjuvik and at least two cities have
been destroyed. Brechtur is under the grip of unnatural cold - its
summer and the Krakkenauight is frozen! The Vos are at war with
everybody and combined behind one ruler. Dragons have begun to take
sides and Fiends from the lower planes do battle with the servants of
the Upper Planes. The Gods take physical form to talk to the PCs
revealing them as the chosen Champions of Good (as the Gods are not
allowed to directly take part), pitted against the age old evil of one
of the Lost and the combined Church of Kriesha and Belinik!

The party (originally eight members) has risen to 10 and now includes a
Paladin of Haylen (armed with the Sword of Roele (from the module of the
same name) which has been reforged), Ruler of the combined states of
Roesone and Ghoere, the Wizard ruler of Ilien and his bodyguard, a thief
Guilder and his elvish Thief Mage companion, The High Priest of Medore,
an Imperial Herald, a Knight of the Iron Throne and an elvish Ranger of
Coullabhie. Finally, the other member is a Priestess of Erik. This is my
first problem:

1) She has reached 13th level - do the Priests of Erik follow the same
rules as a normal AD&D Druid Heirarcy - ie, does she have to fight to
become 13th? What does everybody think?

Second Problem,

2) I have decided what is happeing in 4 of the 5 regions of Cerilia.
However, the PCs will now be venturing into Khinasi lands. With a plague
in Anuire, war in Rjuvik, a super natural winter in Brectur and a
growing magical force in Vosgaard, any suggestions on what could be
happening in Khinasi?

Hope somebody has some ideas, Ta mucly, Phil, a much bemused and rapidly
running out of ideas DM!

P.S. To those of my players who are members of this list please refrain
from reading too many of any of the replys to this mail. If replys could
just be subjected "to Phil", or sent to my personal E-mail address
(philburge@xtra.co.nz) this would help muchly. Ta, Phil.