>Ok, now I have had enough with this glorification of wizards and what
they can do on the battle field and that they should be so much better
then Priests.
> I have played both classes and find them both very interesting but
since the introduction of BoP priests are actually better on the battle
field then wizards. Granted Priests don't have any spells at first level
which can give a unit an automatic hit like magic missile. Instead they
have battle spells like Bless, Oaken Strike (which raises the attack
value of a unit in a manner equal to the 4th level wizard spell
Enchanted Weapon), Erik's Entanglement and others. At second level they
have spells like Hammer Storm (which is a better battle spell then
either Fireball or Lightning Bolt at one spell level lower) and
Barkskinned Unit which is another superb battle spell.

This brings up a very good point. Priests casn cast spells to augment a
unit big time, and doing that to mass units makes them much easier to
stomp people with. I mean, there are Knights of Haelyn and Cuireacen,
but we don't have any of HMA's little buttkickers, even though he is
very high level. Priests' powers are more subtle, but just as powerful,

> These spells that are gained at very low levels are then
complemented with higher level spells like Cure Unit makes the priest
spells equal to wizards on the battle field.
> The real advantage with priests is that they can memorize more
spells then a wizard of an equal level and if the priest have a high
wisdom this gap increases.

And magicians get more too, even if they are in only illusion
categories, as far as I can understand the rules. This gives humans a
nice advantage.

>Now to discuss this topic why the elves haven't used their wizards to
"crush" the armies of the humans we come to the fact that there are more
human priests of a spellcasting level then there are elven wizards
(someone said that they calculated the number of wizards of level 8+ in
the capital province of Tuarhivel to 80, the number is closer to 5 and
then I'm being generous. To balance this I can say that using the
numbers available in BoP the WIT can field a minimum of 53 priests of a
spell casting level, excluding Nichlaer himself).
> On top of this we must also remember that there are human wizards
and magicians also, certainly there are not as many human wizards as
there are elven but the best human wizards are of a higher level.
Although magicians can not cast fireballs and lightning bolts they can
use spells like Magic Missile, and a very large number of illusions that
can be as deadly as any Evocation/Invocation spell (take Phantasmal
Killer for example, a more lethal spell is hard to find).

We must face the facts. If it was at all possible for the elves to have
beat the humans, they would have already done it, and now human-elven
relations have gotten to the point of tolerance. Except for the Gheallie
Sidhe, the elves are set where they are at. So, this argument is
slightly pointless.

However, for the sake of arguing, I must agree that the elves are far
too outnumbered, plus they only have one half of the magical arsenal at
hand. Humans just have too many advantages in this regard. Elves are
cool and all, as well as being my favorite PC race (don't shoot me!) but
they can't muster the forces to take out the humans. IMO, it will never
happen, unless they construct a magical plague that would only kill
those not tied to the mebeghail (sp) ... which give me an adventure


"I don't want the world, I just want your half..." -- TMBG

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