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    The Olesen`s

    Unequal Regent Bonuses

    From a game statistics standpoint who would want to be a fighter regent?
    After all a thief gets RP from law, guilds, and trade routes. Not to
    mention thier free esionage action.
    And priests; free agitate action and RP from law and temples, along with
    realm spells.
    Wizards have realm spells too, and special holdings that can't be
    contested by military force.

    In the warrior family there are also less things
    Rangers have law and 1/2 Guilds
    Paladins have law and 1/2 temples

    Bards are not typically regents so forget them.

    Any class can get warrior proficencies (MAYBEE A Little more expensive
    but they can) and the battle benifits from them.

    Maybee I am missing something but I am thinking about giving other
    classes some benifits.


    Fighter: Cheaper to muster amries/move troops? Free declare war action?
    Cheaper to Fortify?

    Paladin (can these guys cast realm spells?): 1/2 benifits of fighter,
    bonuses to Agitate actions (priest part)

    Ranger (they worship Erik right? Do they get realm spells, in any way?):
    I can't think of anything now.

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    Clayton F. Hinton

    Unequal Regent Bonuses

    Here's my answer: NO ROLEPLAYING OR ALIGNMENT RESTRICTIONS. For a ruler,
    that's hard to beat. But from the game statistics standpoint, it is not
    hard to imagine why both other classes should be a little "better," since
    their requirements are tougher. Of course, I also see no reason to avoid a
    house rule that makes it a tougher descision, such as in the example of
    weapon specialization. All in all though, I think it is the lack of
    role-playing and alignment restrictions that make the fighter the most
    predominant character class as regents. Everyone loves a good warrior in
    Anuire. Who says fighters are unequal? Game mechanics aren't everything,
    and I'd prefer to play a plain vanilla fighter to a Palidin or Ranger every
    day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    - -Clay Hinton

    At 10:10 PM 5/9/98 -0400, you wrote:
    >>From a game statistics standpoint who would want to be a fighter regent?

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