New Action - Create Underground Province

Create Underground Province

Type: Domain

Success: 20

Base Cost: 15 GB

To atempt this action, the dwarven king must have first mustered a
special kind of unit: Escavation Engineers (Muster: 8 GB, Maintenance:
3GB, Move:1, Defense: 2, Melee: 1, can appear in any square of the
battlefield and can hide underground after 2 battle rounds of work).
Digging procceeds at 1d6 gb per turn and the province is complete when
the full 15 gb have been paid. Failure means that the dwarves were not
able to find a suitable place to build an underground city, but the
tunnels make easier for a new try (+ 3 to the next action, cummulative)
in the same place. However, a result of 1 means disaster. All previous work
is lost as the tunnels cave in, the engineers die underground, too deep to
be saved.
André Martins