Here's a kit for Rjurik bards I designed for my Scottish-like realm of
Kvigmar. Please tell me what you think.

The old story tellers -- or Seanachaidh (pronounced Shen-AK-ee) -- have
woven their tales around the firesides of many small villages for
hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of years. Many a Seanachaidh, it has
been said, could tell a score of tales every night from the beginning of
winter to its end without once running short of a story to tell. The
Seanachaidh would not read the stories, for many could not read. They
were committed to memory and passed down orally from one generation to
the next.
Weapon Proficiencies: Like all bards, the Seanachaidh may use any
weapon, but most prefer to be seen as inoffensive, and usually carry
only a dirk and/or staff.
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Bonus: Local History. General: Dancing,
Etiquette, Fey Lore, Fire-Building, Modern Languages (any), Musical
Instrument (any), Weather Knowledge; Rogue: Ancient History, Reading
Lips, Ventriloquism; Warrior: Animal Lore, Endurance; Wizard: Astrology,
Equipment: The Seanachaidh is not restricted in the type or amount of
equipment he may purchase, though many often carry a musical instrument
with them, such as a chanter or small harp.
Special Benefits: These story tellers are considered to be specialists
in the School of Divination, even before they gain access to their
spellcasting abilities. Therefore, they gain all the normal benefits and
penalties of a Diviner wizard. Additionally, since they come from such a
strong-willed people, the Seanachaidh gains a +1 bonus to all saving
throws versus charm-like spells and effects.
Special Hindrances: Seanachaidh bards do not gain the ability to Read
Languages, nor can they counter the effects of magical songs poetry.
Wealth Options: The Seanachaidh receives the normal 2d6x10 gp for
starting gold.

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