Hello there

Almost a year ago I was compiling a Lich netbook, but it had to be
stopped for a while because I had a horrible modem that would not allow
me to upload files, but I finally got a good modem, so the project is
For now, if you'd like to contribute,you may check and bookmark the
following page which will be used for this project:


(I don't know if this is breaking the rules of posting, but I think that
being the case of a netbook, it is best to give the URL adress where the
project is, if this is breaking the rules, please tell me)

If you'd like to contribute, (and you will get credit for it) here's
what I'm looking for (if you send
something, please indicate to what category it belongs to):

- - Lich Kin. Here you may send an interesting class of lich you've
created, something like a fire lich, a bone lich, or something like

- - Lich Personalities. This is where you may send a particular lich, with
its own history and motives.

- - Lich Magic. Send here all the spells that you have created and that
can be used by a lich.

- - Lich Tales. If you've written a good story featuring a lich as one of
the main characters, please send it.

- - Lich Adventures. Do you have an adventure featuring a lich? If you do,
please send it.

- - Illustrations. Are you a good artist? Want to contribute illustrating
the book? Then mail me and I'll indicate you what to illustrate.

- - Any info regarding liches.

I encourage everyone who wants to contribute, to submit your
contributions to my personal mail. (If you post it in the mail list, it
will spoil the book ;) )

Thanks a lot
David Valenzuela