It's me again.

I would briefly like to talk a little bit about some of the conversations
that the build college thread started.

First, as far as cooperating religions go, I must disagree with the person
who said that it would be unlikely for several churches to work together.
Pie in the sky pure academics would indicate that it would be in the best
intrest of education that they did. We, of course, know that this does
not work. What does work? POLITICS. If I, as the high priest of the
temple of Rournil, allow the college to be ran basically by the Andurians,
what is going to happen to my temple? Eventually it will fall out of
favor with the nobility because all of the nobility would have been
educated by the Adurians. Not good. I cannot allow any other religion to
gain a foothold that I cannot counter. As a priest of Rournil, I can
temper the teachings of the war god with the need to protect nature. I can
not temper these lessons after the students have been fully converted to
think about the world from the Andurian perspective.

The only other thing I want to talk about is the "realism" debate that was
spawned by some of my comments. Can our fictional worlds function exactly
like the RW or duplicate the history of earth? Of course not! However,
it is the only paradigm that we have. How do we know that university
students are likely to rebel? Because every university student we know
rebels. I find it amusing that one of hte people who was stridently
opposing the RW influence in role playing cited university uprisings as a
possible effect of having a university, based upon his RW observations!

Basically, what I am saying is that RPGing was never meant to duplicate RW
events, or politics. However, RW events and politics and economics are
the only models that we have available to us to use to mold our RPG world

Just my 2 GBs worth.