> I think a good rule would be that the fortified holding can be contested,
> but the fortification remains under the control of the first regent. You
> can take away the congregation and the merchant's business, but the stone
> walls remain.
Hmmm. Interesting. I would have to say that this is a compelling
suggestion. Perhaps what we would have here was a fortified 0-level
holding. Ahh, but then there is the Contest Holding rule coming into
play stating that you must contest a 0-level holding to remove it
enirely. I think one would have to come in and burn the place down
finally. I mean, aside from magic, it's the only way to get rid of
many structures. Of course, then there are catapults as well to
knock some holes in those walls. I mean, no regent in his right mind
who controls any holdings is going to leave a structure that
is still effectively under the control of his former opposition in
the province still standing , unless he intends to take it over and
use it himself. Which, in my opinion, is bordering on the side of
foolishness. Booby traps left by the Court Mage, or any
magic-wielding Lts., uknown entrances only the former ruler knew
about and those who constructed it intact invite a drain on resources
that would be used to defend against such things. Nay I say. Turn
it to rubble if it is within one's own resources to do so.

Scott Koester