All this talk about Roman units et al got me thinking, and I came up with
the following "conversion" for a Roman Century (or Maniple). It resembles a
Elite Infantry unit except for some special bonuses:

Roman Elite Infantry

Move: 2 Melee: 4
Defence: 4
Morale: X P O

1 Hit: Melee 3
2 Hit: Melee 2

Special: +1 to Move when marching over Roads (Roman Legions were very fast
marchers, and could move from province to province with speed).
+1 to attack vs. Pikes or Irregulars.
Special Missile Attack: twice during any Battle, the unit may launch a
Missile (3) Attack as a "Stationary Missile Attack" against units engaging
it, as a free "Last Shot" (and may also conduct a melee attack that same
round). Also, during a round when this missile attack is launched, any
engaging unit is prevented from using its Charge rating (must switch to
Melee instead). This Missile attack can only be used against units engaging
them, however (it is a very short range attack).
This special missile attack represents the affect of the Roman Pila,
especially in disrupting Cavalry charges.

Muster Cost: 6 GB.
Maintinance: 2 GB.

Comments, critiques, threats of violence, derisive laughter, and the like
all welcomed.