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Thread: elven druids

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    Kai Beste

    elven druids

    Hi all

    I recently came up with this idea and now I'd appreciate any feedback
    on it. I freely admit that the term "elven druid" is actually a
    misnomer, but I could not think of any better.



    (wizard subclass)

    alignment: must be partly neutral
    Requirements: WIS 12, INT 12
    Hit dice: d4
    Thaco: as wizard
    Armor allowed: none
    Weapons allowed: as wizard, plus sickle
    Spells: as wizard (see below)
    Weapon proficiencies: as wizard
    Proficiencies: required: herbalism; recommended: healing, asrology,

    Elven druids are the judges and lorekeepers of the elves. They
    preserve ancient knowledge and tradition of the elves, as well as
    legends and lore and historical facts. They are the final arbiters of
    any greater disputes between individual elves as well as between
    rival houses.
    Elven druids are a special class of wizards who draw their energy
    from nature, much as a druid does. All of them are connected to one
    of the elements. In game terms they are considered elementalists,
    with a few special rules. Most of them are air or earth
    elementalists, a few are water elemantalists. There has not been any
    known case of a fire elementalist in the last few thousand years.

    - - may memorize one bonus spell per spell level, provided it is a spell
    of their element
    - - get +25% chance chance to learn a spell of their element
    - - get -15% chance to learn any non-elemental spell
    - - can't learn a spell of the opposite element, even if it is listed
    in another school
    - - save at +1 vs. spells of their element, this bonus increases to +2
    at 9th level. Enemy saves are not affected.
    - - minor access to priest spells of the sphere corresponding to their
    element (this means that an air elementalist could cast priest
    spell of the sphere of elemental air). Wizard spell slots are
    used to memorize these spells. These spells are treated as wizard
    versions that are identical to the priest spell in all regards
    (casting time, components, duration...) Normal rules for
    memorizing apply.
    - - identify plants/detect clear water as a druid of the same level
    - - automatically know traditions of their homeland
    - - if there is a reasonable chance the character has hear a specific
    piece of lore he may roll a wisdom check to recall details
    - - must freely give advice to any elf seeking it
    - - must be impartial in affairs between other elves
    - - may not use a spell in any way that does collateral damage to nature
    (or just *might* cause it), except as a last resort when defending
    their homeland
    - - must not allow any elven lore to be destroyed
    - - must protect elven lore and relics from falling into the wrong hands
    - - druids have an intimate connection with nature. They must spend one
    hour per day in meditation, reflecting on nature and their place in
    it etc.
    - - druids like to avoid civilisation. If they should happen to travel
    to a human city they must roll a wisdom check once per day with a
    cumulative -1 penalty or become claustrophobic and leave the city on
    the fastest way.

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    elven druids

    one word....


    please , think about it another way , they will build then
    tenple holdings were Mr rabbit goes and mr grifon is

    it already happened in our campaign and it was a V. Bad


    Giovanni Garzelli

    MAximum make them as the mages , but without any magical
    power , unless they multiclass as wizards

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