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    S.G.P. Berendse

    End of a PC

    Hey, Jonathan,

    it has indeed been a long time since we wrote. Hmmm, good memory you
    have on my PC, which, too bad too bad, is no more. Actually he died,
    just recently (last week), which is the main reason for this new
    campaign (the DM stops with it for he got a job). Let me recap shortly
    what happened:

    last postings on Brand (my Brecht lord of the RGoBA in Coeranys was
    concerning Osoerde I think. Well Raenech still rules there (3 years game
    time), we never could organise a good league of nations against him, but
    we did support William Moergen. Which is the main reason why Raenech
    still rules, for there was, unfortunately, a succesful assasination
    attempt at Moergen. Him dead, another PC of dead (apprentice of the Sw2)
    at my hands (Hmm the DM let me play the Doppelganger that killed our
    dear Elven Mage), so we had to refocus on Coeranys a bit more. Another
    PC found Caelcorwynn unsettled and decided to make it into a religeous
    bastion of Cuiraecen. Took quite some time, but nowadays it's settled
    nicely and fortified as well. There we found our new PC (for the killed
    mage) yet again an elven Mage. But this time the smart ass had taken the
    Witch kit, asshole, should never have done that! Downfall of us all.
    Point was: in a daring abduction attempt by Raenech of our dear Queen of
    Coeranys, we lost ships (two Caravels and a brand new Galleon), almost
    all our PC's and the Queen herself if it were not for our dear Witch. No
    spells left, and the only PC left standing she cried our 'Dark Master
    ehlp us out of our predicament' being her granter of spells. 'Hmmm, what
    would you offer in return?' was the answer. And of course she made the
    best remark ever: 'Whatever you like...' OK that was the end of her LN
    alignment (changed into LE) and the Dark Master had a presence... Aye
    the guy was extraplanetory, wet up worship to himself, killed some
    scions, thus got bound to this plane by his new bloodline and corrupted
    my PC, and the priest of Cuiraecen as well (which became an underground
    movement and Church of the Dark Master. Only one of the group stood firm
    in the face of death and said 'no'. Well that was the end of the trusted
    lieutenant and vassal of the queen and this guy could roll up a new PC.
    A great story and nice campagin turn, but ruinous for my PC and his
    plans. Well, what happened, we all turned evil, abducted, divested and
    killed good old Queenie and I became a wealthy guilder, until...

    Until I had a bloodchallenge by the Chimera herself. Hmmm, nice those
    random events, eh? Well, my nice 'friends' told me to buzz of and do it
    my self, the duying at her hands that is, so I went to the Chimearon
    alon (after wealing and dealing and whining could not get me out of this
    situation). There I was much helped by my fellow Dwarven friends
    (exquisite armor and weapons and a polymorphed priest in the crowd and
    there came a flying lion swooping down. Hmm in the end indeed it was not
    the Chimera herself, and I did manage to win, but with a little help. My
    'friends' had turned out to come and see the onslought and wave some
    spells. OK killed the lion, still alive until the Chimera (human form)
    came by saying that she had detested the spell weaving, thus we better
    meet her at the same field tomorrow morn... OK now in deeper shit than
    before, both me and the Cuiraecen priest decided that it was time to
    take some steps back and start worhipping our old gods (I had never
    actually worshipped the Black Master). At his prayers, the priest of C.
    was given the Finger by mister Chaos and Battle himself, for all the
    evil actions he had undertaken (killed the legitimate regent of Coeranys
    eh.. and stolen her bloodline with a sword through the heart...) I had
    more chance with Sera, for she let me play for it on the dice, a game
    that I lost, damn! SO then came the Dark Master, who had been
    eevesdropping, stating that we were such a bad flock of his new church.
    So all we could was fend off as long as we could (untill the hitpoints
    had run out that was). So with a few hitpoints left I remembered the
    stories on Roele and having the Gorgon trapped in his castle. Hmmm, OK
    if this is the last time playing anyway (DM left the campaing in my
    hands from then on), why not die a heroic death. Hmmm, 'With my dying
    breath I curse you vile creature from the netherworld....' big
    Highlander scene, lightning and swirling winds, lighbulbs exploding and
    rammed all my life essence (being a 6th level Thief(Spy) and dual
    classed to 5th level Guilder), Bloodline and last hitpoints into the
    ground. So I had hiim cursed by bonding him to the country (as the
    borders were at that time) of the Chimera. So he cna't get out anymore.
    Spectecular end of the PC eh? And the priest? Well he still had an
    arrowhead with continual light cast on it, and held it in the face of
    the Dark Master (the only avatar of the guy, a demi god it was already).
    It appeared he didn't really like that, so with his last words, he
    poured his bloodline and all in a huge explosion of light. After a
    hiroshima like blast, there was no more avater. Blown to smithereens.
    Ahh, good, but also the end of Brand. Next day the other 2 PC's (evil
    guys and worshippers of the DM) met the Chimera in her human form, so
    even more deadly with all her spells. I played her, cast some nice
    spells, they were cought in a nice trap (stone to mud, sink in it, mud
    to stone; too bad they saved their ST on flesh to stone) but just at
    that moment the Dark Master with the last effort (was as a demi god
    severely damaged by a killed avatar and my curse) he had in his wrists,
    he could manage to wring the life out of the Chimera. Hmm nice end to an
    Awnshegh, but also the renaissance of a demigod. OK end of campaign, and
    since I take over, I place the next one as far away from the Chimearon
    as possible: Djafra, all PC's good aligned required....

    OK that's it, whaddoya think?

    Jonathan Picklesimer wrote:
    > Hey Seb!
    > I haven't seen anything from you in a long time!
    > The Ariya DSB mentions some ruins there, but left it really vague. You
    > may want to start there with your investigation.
    > BTW, as a side note, whatever happened to your regent ruler of the Royal
    > Guild of B-A?
    > jsp
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    Sebastiaan Berendse

    'But a person needs new experiences.
    It draws something deep inside him, allowing him to grow.
    Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens.
    The sleeper must awaken!'
    (Dune, the movie)
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    End of a PC

    Fewww nasty stuff , what next?

    Are you going to stick in the apple of bloodthieving ,: an
    apple that a little blooded kid bit by accident and the
    worm in went trough his heart , acquiring bloodform?

    and now he is the guilder running export on apples?

    well let us know.


    Giovanni Garzelli

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