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>On Thu, 7 May 1998, KirbyRanma wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I don't have the Birthright player's handbook, so was wondering if
>> someone could help me here. We have a blooded spell caster in our
party. If
>> she deals the death blow to a blooded villain by using a spell, does she
>> the same blood points as if someone blooded had killed the villain with a
>> sword? If no, why not, and how are blooded mages/ wizards supposed to
go up
>> in blood points if they aren't regents?
>Technically, bloodtheft only occurs when the killing stroke of a weapon
>pierces the heart. However, I allow small bonuses (and penalties) to
>bloodline strength based on reputation. Kill a minor awnsheigh, gain 2-3
>points in bloodline strength as your reputation increases and people
>respect you more. Win a battle against your "heriditary enemy" and gain
>1-2 points, win a war against that enemy and gain 4-5 points. (Effective
>use of bards and bardic colleges could double this, but my players never
>figured that out.) Of course, I give them similar penalties from defeats.
>I typically give this bonus to the whole party that is involved in the
>awnsheigh-killing, unless they keep it quiet, in which case their
>reputations do not increase and they don't get the increase.

I like the idea... it makes sense and it fits within the rules..(I think I
posted something similar a few days ago, from the "Rulebook"). My only
objection would be the penalties for losing a war, or the opposite, rather
large gain for winning one. I would probably limit any gain to 1 point,
and any loss to 3...(it's a lot harder to gain respect, than it is to lose
it :)

Otherwise, bloodlines like Avan's could easily be MUCH higher than they
already are--and Diem's be much lower--if the Diem's lost 5 points when
they lost parts of Roesone, Ilien and recently Medeore--they'd be nixed!

I do think I'll start implementing gains and lossed of BL for feats such as
winning a war, or killing an awnshie, or the reverse thereof...*grin*