At 02:54 AM 7/05/98 EDT, KirbyRanma wrote:
>Hello all,
> I don't have the Birthright player's handbook, so was wondering if
>someone could help me here. We have a blooded spell caster in our party. If
>she deals the death blow to a blooded villain by using a spell, does she get
>the same blood points as if someone blooded had killed the villain with a
>sword? If no, why not, and how are blooded mages/ wizards supposed to go up
>in blood points if they aren't regents?
Actually, it has to be a direct blow with a piercing weapon straight in to
the heart (It has to be the final blow). And PCs don't usually rise their
bloodline in the whole campaing. Actually, I think that in the campaing
that I'm running there've been like 8 bloofthefs in two years!! (Consider
that're two groups five people).

Trankel Al Ker
Lord of the Brotherhood of the Black Tulipan