> >Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any information on what the actual
> >level distribution would be in a military unit? The majority of soldiers
> are
> >0-level fighters, of course, but what about the rest of the crowd?
> >
> I would go beyound that and say almost all were 0 level. Perhaps the
> leader of an entire unit of 200 soldiers might be 1st level, the rest would
> be unleveled. That is, in general. You can always have the "toughest man
> in the army" or something, be a leveled character, ex-adventurer type, no
> more than second level, this guy would be almost legendary to his comrades,
> and a thief or ranger in the scouts wouldn't be too out of place.

I agree that most soldiers would be 0 level. However, I decided to
divide a typical infantry unit of 200 men (IMHO the size of a unit
varies with its type) into four squads of 50 men each. The squad
leaders are 1st level soldiers. The whole unit is lead by a 2nd level
lieutenant. On larger campaigns a medic (0 level priest) should be

just a few thoughts