> NoneSense elves should not be immune 90% to charm ,they are
> too caothic to control their nature , so actually charm
> should affect better elves

Elves definately are more caotic, but their resistance is part of
their nature. Basically, elves don't sleep and dream the way humans
do, but they relive past events of their lives in their "sleep". This
gives them a much stronger sense of self, and therefore they don't
fall prey to charm effects as easily as a human does. This
phenomenon is called the reverie. (check out the CB of Elves for more
Anyway, this resistance applies only to charm-type spells and
effects, and *not* to all spells of the charm school.
IMHO, elven resistance should apply to battle magic and realm spells
since it is part of the innate nature of elves. Just roll once per
province (or per province level?), with an extra roll for PCs/NPCs.

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