I have just finished a campaign in this area.
The players were based in Endier, one or them the Regent.
I won't go into a lot of detail.
Here's the gist.
I had a Neutral Evil Khinasi Necromancer trying to bring Azrai back from
the dead.
This was not going to succeed but the players as they found out the detail
did no know that.
He was working to a plan to gather components for a spell of his own
I stole a Raise Dead spell from the Call of Cthulhu game (Chaosium) that
leaves the person raised with pocked marked
Skin (akin to severe acne scarring). This spell involves killing the
victim and distilling them to their Essential Saltes. If the spell is said
backwards the person raised is returned to their Saltes. These people were
under his control.
To facilitate their movement throughout the region. The Necormancer
arranged for a plague to sweep the area. This plague looked like causing
death on a massive scale, and anyone fortunate to survive was scarred
similarly to the Raise the Dead Spell.

The party became involved trying to locate the agent spreading the disease
and the antidote. (In the end they managed to halt the spread of the
disease before more than 5% of the population was destroyed. The Guilder
managed to make a profit selling the Antidote to the surrounding domains.)

At the same time he started by gathering the components (Random thefts
throughout the area noticed by the guild)
The players began to investigate this and began contacting sages as to the
possible reason for these items being stolen.

When the players started to get to close to the necromancer, he arranged
for an assassination of a member of Diemed's government, and had evidence
planted implicating Endier. Diemed went to war against Endier. (It
surprised me but Endier won (Good Generalship on their part, Bad on mine I
suppose)). The players then had to start fending of attacks from the other
Domains nearby. Once they had finally calmed down their neighbors the
Necromancers plans were close to fruition.

They resumed their search finding references to a Cult that worshiped Azrai
(pre-Deismaar) in the general area. And having read the Journal of someone
who had been involved in the destruction of that Cult post Deismaar they
located the Cult's temple in a Cave system (surprisingly beneath the
Basilica in Aerele).

They made their way to Aerele in disguise as the Eve of the Dead drew near,
on that night they went with the worshippers of the Orrthordox Imperial
Temple of Haelyn to pray at the all night vigil and then slipped away to
the cave system.
They managed to stop the necromancer's ceremony before he could complete
it. (He escaped)

I hope that gives you some Ideas.


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Southern Coast of Anuire.
Regents are Guildmaster (old El-Hadid)
A combined Ilien & Medeore
Diemed and Endier are enimies.
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