On Tue, 5 May 1998, mg26 wrote:

> NoneSense elves should not be immune 90% to charm ,they are
> too caothic to control their nature , so actually charm
> should affect better elves + I think elves should suffer
> devastation rules also , and no I repeat no trade routs
> between elven nations and Anurien......

Actually, I don't see it so much as being "too chaotic to control their
nature," as much as just being extrememly individualistic. They rely on
themselves so much, and don't define themselves on the basis of their
relationships to others the way humans do, and thus the magical "tricks"
that works so easily on humans are much less effective against elves.

I would apply the 90% resistance for realm spells and battle spells as
well. Of course, as someone pointed out, once 10% of its members start
behaving strangely, the unit as a whole becomes much less effective.

Mark VanderMeulen