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    The Olesen`s

    Adventure Ideas

    I usually have lots of adventure ideas, but I'm kind of running on empty

    Anyone have something imaginative to spark my imagination?

    Southern Coast of Anuire.
    Regents are Guildmaster (old El-Hadid)
    A combined Ilien & Medeore
    Diemed and Endier are enimies.
    are 4th level

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    Mark A Vandermeulen

    Adventure Ideas

    On Wed, 6 May 1998, The Olesen's wrote:

    > I usually have lots of adventure ideas, but I'm kind of running on empty
    > now.
    > Anyone have something imaginative to spark my imagination?

    Here's a spark that occured to me not too long ago: the PC's come upon the
    bodies on a dead rider and his horse. Although they find no distinguishing
    markings or possessions on the rider than might indicate where he comes
    from or who he is loyal to, they do find something interesting on him: in
    a leather map case they find a glass flask filled with a green liquid,
    which glows under the light of the mood. If they unstopper the flask,
    which has been sealed with lead and stamped with an unknown seal (PC's
    with alchemy ability might recognize it as signifying stasis), the liquid
    rapidly evaporates into a sleeping gas (there are about 8 "doses"--enough
    to fill a small room--before the large flask is emply). When viewed under
    the light of the moon, the glow appears to be caused by a small egg-shaped
    object at the bottom of the flask.

    That was the idea that occured to me. What I did with it was this: I was
    running a campain in Osoerde at the time, and I decided that the man was a
    messenger from one of the lords in Osoerde who had a grove of trees that
    contained a shadow-world rift that was allowing skeletons into the
    material world when the moon was full. The lord, have requested and
    receiving no help from Raenech, and in danger of running out of loyal men
    as they are killed by the monthly onslaught of skeletons, decided to send
    one of his trusted men to speak to the High Mage Aelies and beg for
    assistance. He set out, bearing no recognizable markings, in fear that the
    mad Raenech would interpret the act as treason--misinterpreting it as an
    envoy to relay spy information to the Queen of Aerenwe. However, one of
    the lord's rivals saw the messenger leave, made the misinterpretation, and
    attempted to capture the man when he returned home. He escaped the ambush,
    and the rival lord sent some men after him, and then sent his main force
    to siege the lord's manor, intending to capture the manor and then turn
    the lord over to Raenech for treason.
    The PC's come across the scene as the messenger is already dead, and
    the lot sent after him are looting the body, trying to find incriminating
    evidence. Hopefully, the PC's defeat the looters, and as a moon comes out,
    discover the bottle in the map case, which caught on a nearby branch when
    the messenger rode by and was missed by the pursuers.
    The glowing object is actually an acorn (without the typical "cap").
    Aelies, sympathetic to the lord's plight, cast an enhanced version of the
    reverse of the "Enlarge" spell on a nymph and her oak tree. He then took
    the resulting acorn and placed it in the stasis elixer for transport to
    the grove. If the PC's use all of the elixer as sleeping gas, the nymph's
    tree will start to grow right where it is (which could be inconvienent if
    its in the middle of a city). Ideally, they should take the acorn to the
    grove with the shadow rift and plant the seed there, thereby closing off
    the rift. Any skeleton's which escape the rift before the heroes can plant
    the seed will attack the castle if they are not detected by the PC's
    (which means that they will be attacking the enseiging rival lord first).

    In my case, the grove was the site where agents of Raenech came upon the
    fleeing wife and younger son of William Moergan's father, and slaughtered
    them. One of the Osoerde "royal jewels" worn by the queen remains in the
    ground where she let it fall just before they were killed, and the nymph,
    once fully grown, related to the PC's the story (which the very earth
    told her of) and gave them the jeweled brooch--another step in the
    downfall of Raenech and the restoration of William Moergen.

    You might be able to adapt this story, or at least the "seed" of the idea
    (sorry) into an existing game.

    Mark VanderMeulen

    > Southern Coast of Anuire.
    > Regents are Guildmaster (old El-Hadid)
    > and
    > A combined Ilien & Medeore
    > Diemed and Endier are enimies.
    > are 4th level
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    Adventure Ideas

    why not?

    try the idea of a small gift.....

    Azrai isn't dead and is manipulating the awsleight to turn
    up and wreak havok in the domain of your PC; one by one
    they come , called by the voice of this old man...

    what then happens is one fine day , Azrai puts most of his
    essence in a jar , and cast a ritutual that permanently
    shields the domains near the land from Priest Magic , and
    he goes into a slumber drawing all the magic in him to
    restore himself.

    It is then a chase Vs Time to see if the reageant can find
    the jar and break it before Azrai comes

    Evil Thought

    Giovanni Garzelli

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    Adventure Ideas

    hmm, i had a crazy idea a while ago - never got to use it though.

    going back a LONG time ago to some stuff that was put out on the
    list about blooded people who were murdered in a terrible way, becoming
    ghosts and haunting the places of their death.

    My idea was to have my group (the regent of Talinie his lieutenant, and a
    guilder from Tournen) meet up with Faelina - the dead empress, killed in
    the towers of Seaharrow in Boeruine. (i assume most people have read the
    Iron Throne, by Simon Hawke) anyway, meeting up with the empress NOW,
    they would have no recolection of who she is, just a Ranger type perosn,
    who is looking for her stolen child. since she died giving birth, she
    never knew what came out :)
    so my group would meet with a Rangerly type female, extremely buff, and
    who is very frank, and that would set the stage. i haven't really given
    much thought to the next part, as my group decided they like the
    Munchining of Forgotten Realms over the Low Magic of Birthright. oh well,
    it'll always be in the back of my mind.

    Hope this helps :)

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    Adventure Ideas

    we've been running a great campaign through the entire known world based after
    "The Godfather " movies and books, it's really pretty fun if your into who don
    it's and trying to bring justice to all and that sort of thing.

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