Problem : (John M. Baker [])

>Can a person's strength rating (tainted, minor, major, great, true) ever >change? Does this rating really mean anything?

Response : (Gary V. Foss [])

>This was a subject of debate on a previous thread. Personally, I don't see >much point in the strength rating description. After rolling up the character >it becomes kind of useless. Theoretically, a character with a tainted >bloodline could raise it to 99 after years of playing right? If you think >changing the bloodline strength to a higher level makes sense than I'd go >ahead and do it.
In my humble opinion, there is true mening of "strength rating". This is the way of your life, your ideals and types of actions that you perform. If you act in a way similar to "your" derivation, your strength rating may go up. If not, it may go down. And this can have effect on you in course of campaign, when you raise your blood strength - with greater rating tou can gain access to greater powers. (note : I'm new on list, so I don't know what do you think about gaining new blood abilities from raised blood strength. I and my players agreed that this is possible - ie. When you raise your blood strength from 27 to 28 (or 28 to 29, I don't remember now), you roll on the apprioritate table from Rulebook - and can gain new power). Look, your blood is mixed with blood of gods - so you are one with your land . What is good for your domain, is good for you. But your "ancestor", deity, which blood courses in your veins, maybe has other opinion on your actions - if you are scion of Azrai and become great king, loved by the subjects and respected by rivals, with beatiful country - your blood strength (link with land) might be really impressive, but your blood rating will be very, very poor (maye even tainted).