At the moment I'm reading a quite intresting book about the reasons why the
first/second crusade to Finland was made and there they took up about how the
titles of the swedes and moskovits changed with time. It hit my mind that the
Gorgone could use a quite long title (Now there is not a "complete" history
over how the Gorgones empire got as big as it's today), it could look
something like this:

Regnum Andu, Regnum Kal-Saitharak, Regnum Thuarhievel, Magn Ducat Gigantivm,
Magn Ducat Markazor, Magn Ducat Mur-Kilad, Magn Ducat Kiergard.

As always with royal titles, you should never belive that they are all true,
but here is an exmplination why he would use those untrue titles.

Regnum Andu: He is the only living son to the "last King" of Andu/Anuirea.

Regnum Thuarhievel: HeÂ*owns the province Sideath, which on the map look like
it has belonged to Thuarhievel, and therefore
he can claim to be the regent of the whole land.

Magn Ducat Gigantivm: I think that the Gorgone has allied with Ghuralli, who
will rule the Giantdowns for the Gorgone when they have conqured it.

The rest of the titles are true titles, even if I have done the choise to name
'Gorgones Crown' to 'Kal-Saitharak'.

The only one who at the moment can compete The Black Prince, is Prince Avan,
but by using his long title he would upset many of the other Anuirean rulers
and his allies would become his enemies, so Avan should be careful to use a
long title which takes up all the areas where he "rules" in one or another

It could be quite possible that Carilon Alam would use the title:

Regnum Alamie, Regnum Tuornen, Magn Ducat Anuire

Regnum Tuornen: To show and say that he will become the ruler of the
"rebelious" part of Alamie.

Magn Ducat Anuire: To claim that someone else is ruling the city of Anuire
for him, and that he really is the Emperor of Anuire.

The day Carilon will send Laela Flaertes a message/letter which contains the
above title, then the two contries WILL be in war with each other.

I hope this will be to some kind of use for your others... don't forget that
the longer once title is the more impressive they think they are and no one
with a short title can be holder of the Emperors title.

//Trizt of Ward^RITE